Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And The Winner Is...

My youngest daughter has chosen the winner of our Lucy's cookies giveaway, and the winner is... Mommy Michel! Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who left a comment. I hope you will all still have a chance to try Lucy's at some point. By the way, Nikki and I discovered a new use for these cookies, ice cream sandwiches! They were so good!!! I wish I had a picture...but we ate them too quickly. Just scoop a little ice cream between two cookies, smoosh them together a little, wrap in foil, and freeze. YUM!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucy's Cookies Giveaway- Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, and Nut Free!!!

After receiving only a couple of responses to my last giveaway, I spoke to a few people and realized it was because so many of my readers simply couldn't eat the product due to multiple food allergies. That was when I decided to contact Lucy's Cookies and see if they would be interested in hosting a giveaway...and they said yes! Lucy's cookies are amazing!!! They are crunchy, which insures a much longer shelf life, the texture and taste are wonderful, they are easy to find (available at Starbucks...and you know how easy THEY are to find), and best of all every Lucy's cookie is certified free of gluten, eggs, dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts. In addition, these cookies contain no cholesterol and no trans fats, they include many organic ingredients, and they are vegan and Kosher certified.

Lucy's sent me a very generous variety of cookies to sample and review, and they are going to send this same package to one very lucky winner right here! This package includes one bag (3 or4 cookies) and one box ( about 16 cookies) of each of their four flavors: Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookies, Oatmeal, and Cinnamon Thins.

I'm not really sure how to go about reviewing these cookies, they are all just so good. I have eaten half a box of Cinnamon Thins as I've been sitting here writing. We also discovered over the summer that the Cinnamon Thins are a great replacement for graham crackers when making s'mores! The general opinion in my house is that the Chocolate Chip are amazingly similar to Chips Ahoy. Nikki's favorite is the Oatmeal Cookie. My favorite is the Cinnamon Thin followed closely by the Sugar Cookie. They both taste very "eggy" and "buttery" to me which is very hard to do with no eggs or butter. The texture of all of these cookies is crunchy, but not too hard. The flavor is hard to describe, I want to make sure I do it justice. These cookies contain bean and oat flours so they actually have a hearty taste, not like some other gluten free options that taste like sugary air. It is a full and earthy flavor, but "earthy" in a good way and not bitter at all.

If you would like a chance to win this fabulous gift box, please leave me a comment below!!! Emily will be drawing the winning name from a hat on Monday, October 18th. In the mean time, next time you are in Starbucks you should definitely grab a bag and give them a try! Lucy's cookies are also available at Whole Foods and Amazon, which you will find a link to at the right of this page. Good luck to everyone! :)