Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Amazing "Allergen Free" Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are the most amazing chocolate chip cookies ever, they even stay soft a few days longer than the traditional Toll House cookies I make for my husband! They are gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and nut free. I have never tried this recipe with Spectrum shortening, but if you were to use it they would also be soy free. It is also possible that if you cook them longer you would have a crunchy cookie (for those like my mom who prefer a crunchy cookie), but I have not ever tried that either because personally I like a big soft cookie I can sink my teeth into. :)

½ c. Softened margarine
1 c. Brown sugar
½ c. White sugar
2 Eggs worth of egg replacer (EnerG egg replacer)
½ c. Applesauce
2 t. Vanilla extract
1 c. Sorghum flour
¾ c. Tapioca starch
¾ c. Potato starch
½ c. Rice flour
1 ½ t. Baking soda
1 t. Salt
1 t. Xanthan gum
1 c. Mini chocolate chips (Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
Combine sorghum flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, rice flour, baking soda, salt, and xanthan gum. Whisk together until well blended.

In a separate bowl cream together margarine and sugars. Add egg replacer, applesauce, and vanilla, and beat until creamy. Gradually mix in dry ingredients. Stir in chocolate chips. (dough will look a little gooey)

Drop by rounded tablespoons (I like to use a small spring action ice cream scoop) onto the parchment lined cookie sheet (if you don't use parchment paper the cookies will spread a little more but they will still be great). Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, they should be very light brown on the edges and look slightly under baked in the middle. Remove from the oven and allow to cool in the pan for 5 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack and cool completely.

If you bite into a cookie at this point it will be a little tough on the edges and gooey in the middle. Now for the magic...put them in a sealed container for a couple of hours, the moisture will redistribute, and when you take your next bite the cookie will be soft and cooked all the way through! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, ummm....I mean as much as Emily does. :)


Jennifer B said...

Boy do those cookies look good! Thanks for this great recipe.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very impressive.

Tracy said...

They look great! I'll have to try them very soon! I'll try the spectrum shortening and let you know how it goes.

FoodAllergyMom said...

Thank you all for the compliments, and yes Tracy please do let me know how they come out with the spectrum.

Julie B said...

I can't wait to try this recipe! I also need it to be soy-free, so I'll let you know if I try it with Spectrum shortening.

Anonymous said...

I tried these cookies with eggs.
I was surprised to find how "cakey" the cookies were. Little boys inhaled them anyway.

FoodAllergyMom said...

You know, the last time I made these cookies they hardly spread at all and were much more "cakey" than the ones in this picture. Sometimes I feel like such a pro, and then other times I realize I'm just wandering in the dark and every once in a while I stumble on something good. :)

Anonymous said...

These are really, really beautiful. I'd lick my screen if I thought it would taste good. This will be one of the first recipes I try when I'm back to eating grains. Thanks for the post!

Krista said...

We tried these at Christmas, and they were delicious! My dairy-free margarine didn't whip, but my mother added a small tsp of Crisco. The cookies turned out moist... straight from the oven. They tasted very similar to Chewy Chocolate Chip Chips Ahoy cookies. :) YUMMY!!!

FoodAllergyMom said...

I'm so glad the cookies were a hit Krista, and kudos to Grandma for thinking on her feet! These are my second favorite cookie that we make. The white chocolate, cranberry, oatmeal is my favorite! :)

Jennifer said...

Very late comment, but I thought I'd share my adaptation. I used 3 cups of arrowhead mills baking mix in place of the flours, baking soda and zantham gum. And I substituted 2 tbsp of ground flax plus 6 tbsp water as the egg substitute since that's what I had on hand. The cookies have a cake-like texture and are delicious! Not delicious for allergen free, just plain delicious. Thanks for a great recipe!