Friday, December 4, 2009

Egg Free Royal Icing

I have been holding on to this recipe for a year. Actually, I lost it when my hard drive died and was thrilled to see that I had posted it on another site so I was able to get it back. The other site, by the way, is , and has amazingly detailed descriptions of several other egg free royal icing recipes. I made my icing thick. It was strong enough to assemble a gingerbread house and was hard as a rock by the next day. It also tasted good! You can thin it out a little if you want drippy snow-like icing for the roof, but I don't know how long it will take to harden. I wish very much that I had pictures to show, but we don't have any working cameras in the house. If I can get a decent picture with my disposable camera, I will post it later. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

1 c Powdered sugar
1 T Ener-G egg replacer (dry)
1 t Cream of tartar
1/8 t Xanthan gum
2 T Water (approximately)

Blend all dry ingredients together. Add water slowly until desired consistency is reached.


Lisita said...

How amazing, I was just thinking yesterday..... "Hmmm wonder if ener-g egg replace would work for royal icing?" ... then today I stumble on your blog. Thanks for sharing.. I'll give it a try!

Eagle Loft said...

Thank you! Thank you! This looks fantastic. I was at a loss as to how to put together a gingerbread house. I'll be trying this for sure this season!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I be using this for our gingerbread house. It came with "egg free icing" directions, but I'm not sure it will hold up as well. This sounds MUCH better :)

eBear Bee Bear said...

I was struggling with that annoyingly stupid regular egg-white based Royal Icing recipe last night in preparation for my daughter's class activity of making gingerbread houses at school today, and I finally had to give up. My eggs are/were too old to separate properly, and I kept thinking I could probably use Ener-G, but I didn't have the energy myself (har har) to try and find a recipe and attempt it all again. This morning I started searching for a DF GF Chex Mix before I go shopping, and whaddya know? I see a comment about your royal icing recipe. I'm going to send your blog to my cousin who is stuck in a rut from a recent dairy/wheat/egg allergy diagnosis and doesn't want to do any baking - one of her most favourite pastimes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your posts!!

FoodAllergyMom said...

eBear, thank you so much, your comment was a wonderful Christmas present! If you look at my most recent post, you will see that I don't write much on my blog anymore. It makes made me feel really good to be reminded that all the work I did in the past is still here to help people. Best wishes to you and your cousin. I hope she finds the joy in allergy free cooking that I did, the challenge of it all can actually be very exciting! :)