Friday, January 6, 2012

Enjoy Life's Crunchy Cookie Collection

First of all I need to apologize to the wonderful people at Enjoy life, they sent these cookies for me to review a month ago, and I am just now getting around to it. The cookies were delicious, so sadly all I have left to take a picture of are empty boxes. Now I have mentioned many times before that I am not a crunchy cookie kind of girl. For this reason I tried to get my girls to head up this review for me, but all I could get out of them is " I don't know, they're all so good!" It's speaks highly of the cookies, but not very descriptive. So, at this point, I decided to try them myself.
When I did get around to trying them the
Double Chocolate Cookie and the Chocolate Chip Cookies were already gone. I assume this either means that these were the preferred flavors or that my kids are chocoholics (highly possible). I tried the two that were left. My favorite of these two was the Sugar Crisp, although the Vanilla Honey Graham would be PERFECT for making s'mores. Texturally I can tell these are a gluten free cookies, they do have that slight tell tale grittiness, but if you are used to eating gluten free you won't even notice it. The flavors, however, are amazing! With many allergen free cookies all you taste is sugar. The new Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies have wonderfully full and complex flavors. Even the sugar cookie didn't just taste tasted like a sugar cookie. All four flavors were definitely a thumbs up. We also discovered that any one of these cookies makes an awesome "ice cream" sandwich!
I am so glad to see that Enjoy Life seems to be blossoming as a company. I have seen a few good allergen free companies come and go in recent years. Enjoy life is still expanding, and I am even finding it in my less expensive everyday grocery stores now. How great is it not to have to travel 15 miles out of your way to pick up a box of chocolate chips cookies, or worse yet pay double what they're worth in shipping charges?! To the Enjoy Life company...Thank you for this opportunity to review your products and I hope to see more and more from you in many years to come! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about these cookies. We have eaten every variety. My husband and I always say don't eat the gf cookies because they are expensive and they are our (wheat and egg allergy) son's to enjoy. It is also because we don't want him to feel bad if he knows we think it is yucky. No yucky here. Simply delicious. I had a Pepperidge Farm Chocolate chip cookie recently that tasted yucky compared to the Enjoy Life cookies.

Gill "Biki" Honko said...

On the strength of your love for these cookies, when I saw a box of them at the store today I snapped them up. After dinner treat.....I want one NOW! LOL

FoodAllergyMom said...

That's a lot of pressure, I hope you like them! :)

Gill "Biki" Honko said...

ZOMG! Best gluten free, egg free, dairy free cookie!! I wanted to mow 'em right down. Was quite good tho, and only ate one last night. But its time for one with my mid morning cuppa, yeah?

Mega thanks for all your food reviews you do and the mountains of recipes. I have several book marked for future making.