Monday, March 31, 2008

It's Rising!

Is it a sad statement on my life that everytime I bake something for Emily the rest of the world stands still? I fall into my own little space while calculations of cutting recipes into fourths and what ratios of GF flours to use and how much xanthan gum will be required swirl around in my head. I am writing this now, in fact, because I am baking banana bread and I need something to keep me preoccupied so I don't feel the need to keep checking it's progress every two minutes. I just got a new (used) oven...and it works! It still feels like a dream. No more slamming the oven door every 10 minutes to keep the oven turned on, no more opening the door to see what's happening to my bread (this one has a working light!), and no more guessing that my temperature dial needs to be set about twenty five degrees higher than called for. The problem is that now I have too much time on my hands! I find myself sitting on the floor with my oven light on just gazing at my bread while it, that IS sad. I suppose I could do the dishes...nahhhh. So here I am..... looking for a little distraction.....thank you for joining me. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I am so glad to hear you got a new-to-you oven. It's amazing what a difference it can make. Hope you have fun with it!

FoodAllergyMom said...

Thank you. I'm so giddy I just walk through my kitchen and giggle sometimes :)