Monday, March 17, 2008

Yayyyy Brownies!

Guess what, I found another Pamela's product that does not have dairy in it! This could not have worked out more perfectly. A few weeks ago I was browsing the shelves at my local health food store, doing my usual label reading, when I came accross Pamela's Chocolate Brownie mix ( and realized Emily can have it (gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and nut free). At the time I was making a multitude of practice birthday cakes so brownies weren't really a priority and I stuck the mix in my cabinet and forgot about it...until this weekend. My husband brought home some of those "cosmic brownies" by Little Debbie, you know the ones. dense and fudgie with bright colorful candy sprinkles on top. Now what 6 yr old is not going to want one of those when she sees Daddy eating them?! Suddenly I remembered my mix. I whipped up a batch using EnerG egg replacer ( and sprinkled some jimmys on top. They are fabulous! (Yes, I'm eating them too.) I have included this mix in my Amazon Favorites and I have to tell you that I myself will definitly be buying them by the case. Yeah brownies!!!


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Lisa said...

Your website is amazing! I am the mother of 3 beautiful girls; two of which have food allergies. My 3year old is allergic to wheat, and my 1 year old are as follows: wheat, eggs, milk, peas, and white potato. She also has to avoid all tree nuts, seafood, and legumes due to family history. I love the fact that you are taking "family-type" recipe and converting them. I can't wait to try them. My blog is an effort to support families with eosinophilic disorders; which the majority of the time stems from food allergies. Good luck, and thank you for your hard work!!!

FoodAllergyMom said...

Thank you Lisa, it's nice to meet you. :) I don't know anything about eosinophilic disorders but I have definitely noticed the connection with food allergies. I have met quite a few people online who are dealing in both. Best of luck to you and your family, I hope to see you again!