Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Is that a great picture or what? That is a picture of the candy and silk rose petals being released from the fabulous pull string pinata that the girls and I made for the party. Emily decided that she wanted a fairy theme and since we were on a budget this year we had to get creative. I bought a couple of 88 cent school folders with pictures of the Disney Pixie Hollow fairies on them and we used them to cover a cereal box (and decorate the walls). Then the girls added some tissue paper flowers to the sides, and Emily suggested a little skirt around the bottom made of silk rose petals. I tied many, many ribbons to the top for strength, then punched holes in the bottom and tied lots of ribbons on to the lower flaps to be pulled later. Next we filled it to the brim with candy and flower petals, and I hot glued it shut. (I think I may have also prayed at that point that the whole thing would actually work when the time came...and my prayers were answered!) Here are some pictures of the pinata after it had been opened and I laid the empty carcass out on my kitchen table.

We also played a home made game of "Pin The Wings On The Fairy" that looked like this.

Last, but certainly not least, we all decorated our own cupcakes...always a crowd pleaser! Emily had her cupcake which, by the way, I think I am almost ready to post the recipe for. Everyone else had Betty Crocker cupcakes. We used Duncan Hines Vanilla frosting and Dark Chocolate Fudge frosting, both of which are dairy free. Here is the birthday girl decorating her cupcake.
I want to thank everyone again for your kind words of encouragement. You were right, the party was great! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!


Krista said...

It looks like everyone had a great time!! I can't wait to hear the recipe. My son will be 4 on Sunday. While I know I won't get the recipe for his birthday, maybe I can use it for my daughter's 1st birthday in July. :)

And thank you for your site. I love it. It's been full of delicious recipes that everyone enjoys.

Funky Food Trisha said...

Happy Birthday Emily! It looks like this was a great party. We're getting ready to celebrate my son's 3rd and I'm gearing up to make his cake. Scary!

Vegetation said...

It looks like she had a blast! Love the pinata!

Happy Birthday Emily :)

Speedbump Kitchen said...

Great job! I love the pin-the-wings-on-the-fairy idea! I love DH frosting too! Cheap and dairy-free!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

I love that pinata! So you didn't whack it? You pulled on strings? Please tell me more...

FoodAllergyMom said...

Thank you all, and Emily says "thank You". The cake(s) will be coming very soon. Which should I do first, chocolate or vanilla? Cake or cupcakes?
I chose a pull string pinata for 3 reasons:
1 Emily's birthday is in February in Oregon and therefore her parties are always inside.
2 After whaking the heck out of traditional pinatas it seems like it always required an adult taking the pinata down and disassembling it to get anything out.
3 My way of pulling the strings eliminates the competition. There is supposed to be only one string that opens the pinata. Each child takes a string and they take turns pulling until it opens. My way... all of the strings open it, and we count to three and yell "happy birthday!" as we all pull at once.

Anonymous said...


FoodAllergyMom said...

This particular pinata we covered with heavy duty cardboard folders, so it would be pretty hard to bust. The last one we made, however, was a cereal box covered in wrapping paper. We used a broomstick and busted it open pretty well. We had to reinforce the top though, on our first attempt the top just kept ripping off.