Friday, February 29, 2008

"Super Duper Straw-Banana Pile Cake"

Hooray for fruit! This recipe was created by my friend Bella and her son ( at ). Bella's son has a dairy allergy so this is a dairy free recipe, but I love that it is also free of all other common allergens including gluten. Sometimes avoiding gluten doesn't mean going through some huge ordeal to "replace" it with an elaborate substitute, sometimes it just means avoiding it. In this recipe a thick round slice of apple visually replaces the traditional shortcake and creates a fruity and delicious dessert. That having been said...IF you have a piece of cake laying around that is safe for you allergies , by all means use it! Allergen free cake can be used instead of the apple and the drizzle of italian ice will soak into it making it moist and delicious.

3 Strawberries sliced
1/2 banana sliced
1 Round apple slice (about 1/2" thick and cored)
1 Italian Ice Lemon or Strawberry (or Ah!Laska Chocolate Syrup)

-----Place italian ice container in hot water
------Put apple or shortcake on plate
------Mix strawberries & bananas together and put on top of apple or shortcake
------Take italian ice out of water and drizzle melted juice over the mixture -------Drizzle with Ah!Laska Chocolate Syrup


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