Saturday, May 31, 2008

Go Dairy Free Givaway

I have just signed up for my first monthly newsletter from and I'm excited! I discovered this site recently when Alisa at Go Dairy Free did a review of my site and my crepes. I have been a faithful reader ever since! She posts daily and opens doors to all kinds of allergen free blogs and events. She also has recipes and a great list of resources and books. If you sign up for the newsletter you are also entered in a monthly drawing. As the name implies this site is mostly about living dairy free, but this month the prizes for the drawing are gift packages from Gluten Free Essentials which are free from milk, eggs, nuts, gluten, and yeast! (crossing my fingers!) For more information please go to
Even if you don't win a prize I think you may find her site to be reward enough :)


dd03 said...

I love go dairy free!!!

It's become a wonderful resource for me....I helps me to believe I can get through this whole allergy thing! ugh!!

I've found many other awesomoe sites and blogs via link hopping...most starting at gdf...including your blog!

FoodAllergyMom said...

Thank you for commenting dd03, I love your blog! Not the same old stay-at-home-mom posts I'm used to. It made me feel young again, a much needed breath of fresh air the week after my 39th b-day. I love link hopping myself, have found some really great "places" that way. Thanks again for stopping by!