Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Help-Exploding Twinkies!

I have wanted this Twinkie kit for about a year now since I started trying to make gluten free hot dog buns for Emily and I thought the pan might be helpful. Well, yesterday was my birthday and I finally decided to treat myself. I was so excited I couldn't wait to get the kids out of the house this morning so I could start experimenting with gluten free vegan "Twinkies"!

Since the pan only bakes 8 at a time I decided to turn half the batter into chocolate cupcakes with cream filling and chocolate ganache on top (you know, Hostess style). I am therefore, at this point, pulling on 4 different recipes at once. My kitchen is an utter disaster, but I'm having fun and all seems to be going well.

Then I tried to fill them (Dun Dun Dun....)! I filled a couple before I broke one open and realized there was not nearly enough cream inside, so I decided to reinsert the nozzle and try squeezing harder...BOOM!!! Cream filling exploded all over the place! It was on all over the baked goods, it was dripping off the counter, it was on the floor, and it was all down the front of me! You really had to be there, these pictures don't tell the whole story. Looking back it is hysterical, at the time I wanted to scream!

It took 3 hours to clean the kitchen but I am done now and ready to write about this exciting experience! In the end I got cream filling into everything (had to pull out another pastry bag) and I decided to go with a simple chocolate frosting instead of ganache on the cupcakes. Emily and her friend came home from school and devoured the worst of the bunch. Now I am just waiting for Amanda to come home and take pretty pictures of the few that survived. Needless to say, I won't be posting the recipe just yet!


The Joys Of Life said...

Do you think you would have had as much fun without having to alter the recipe? Wow, what a story.

By the way, Amazon sells Ener-g tapioca hot dog buns, too.

The Joys Of Life said...

And...Happy Birthday! :-)

sweetrosie said...

heehee, sorry to giggle dear but it's a good story...
I think you are very brave. You are going going that one step further for your kids. I still can't imagine what a challenge it must be sometimes.
I know it's pathetic in the face of your family allergies, but, I can't wear my wedding ring anymore. My skin is getting more and more sensitive and my finger has the most awful dermatitis. The ring's white gold, so should be non-reactive. It seems to be the cold and damp(or heat) under the ring my skin doesn't like. My sensitivity seems to be increasing all-round and I have to be more careful than before.
Sending you *hugs* :)

FoodAllergyMom said...

The Joys of Life:
I don't know about "fun", but I guess it did make for an amusing post. Thanks for the heads up on the hot dog buns but we tried them before and didn't care much for them. My next trial is actually corn dogs made in the twinkie molds. And thank you for the birthday wish :)

Giggle away, it was pretty rediculous! Sorry to hear about your dermatitis. If you ever have some time and want to analyze it feel free to contact me. I don't mean to sound arrogant, but in our own skin issues more often than not I was able to use my instincts to heal the girls when the doctors treatments weren't working.

Hugs to you both and thanks for commenting!